Wertvolleperle Germany 2431 Flat Type 42 parts Breakfast and dinner set


Fine tableware in 42 parts. Germany Flat Type The tableware is made of hard porcelain, and the glaze can withstand both the dishwasher and the microwave, but as with all dishes with silver or gold edge, the tableware should not be washed with a temperature above 50 degrees and half a dose of detergent should be used.

The service consists of:

6 dinner plates (25cm)

6 deep plates (21 cm)

6 breakfast plates (20 cm)

6 Dessert bowl (13Cm)

6 Coffee cup

6 saucer coffee cup

1 oval serving dish (34 cm)

1 serving bowls (24 cm)

1 sauce beak (27cl)

2 Salt gun

1 Pepper gun.

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