About Us

About Fancybord
Our vision Cover for cozy dinner tables for the whole family. For decades, Fancybord has strived to provide high quality crockery for families with diverse backgrounds and cultures. In 2017, fancy tables knocked on the door of the Norwegian home to offer dinner tables set at a reasonable price. We are experts in porcelain, BonChina, crystal and opal and supply sets for various companies. Our selection of different designs in gorgeous dishes can guarantee a better dining experience. Fancy tables aim to contribute to the atmosphere at your dinner table. Wondering which gifts are best for your loved ones? Contact us for a pleasant chat and we can help you find the perfect gift regardless of price range. You can find all our products online and we send all orders to your door for free with Bring. Choose your favorite and we will arrange the rest! For other questions contact us by email or phone. Cozy dinner tables, easier everyday life and the best experiences are Fancybord’s mission.